zondag 8 maart 2009

New green strategy could create 400,000 jobs

The British government has announced that new jobs will be created in low-carbon industries for 400,000 people. In an interview with the Guardian, Ed Miliband, the climate change secretary, said that all over the world countries are working to create a low-carbon economy and that Britain must not get left behind. The government will try to work on items such as a better energy efficiency and a smart electricity grid.

Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, wants to find out how the UK can boost jobs and investment in areas as cleaner vehicles and green energy. He will launch the summit for this, which will be hosted by Miliband.

Miliband has mentioned a few items to work on. First, they need to encourage business to achieve greater energy efficiency (especially buildings). Secondly, Britain needs long-term investments in a smart electricity grid to reduce the overall need for generating capacity. Thirdly, renewable energy is a very important issue. The climate change secretary thinks that nuclear and coal-fired power plants are the way to success.

I think that it’s a very good initiative of the British government. It’s an example for all the industrialized countries. It would be great if all the western countries would invest in low-carbon industries to reduce the air pollution. CO2 emissions would be cut on a large scale and that would be very good for the environment all over the world. Another advantage is the creation of employment, but I’m not sure that this plan will create 400,000 jobs as planned.

Robby Lampens

2 opmerkingen:

  1. First of all I think it's very positive for the economy because the creation of 400,000 jobs is not nothing.
    Secondly the fact that they invest in low-carbon industries to reduce the air pollution is also very positive for the earth.
    So I think it's a good initiative of the British government and I think that many other countries should follow!

    Dominique Van Huffel

  2. This project has 2 big advantages. first of all the project is a very good initiative of the British government, it is a renewable energy source, that is good for the planet earth! It's a big investment but it's more than worth it! With this invesstment there could be much money saved!
    Another advantage is off course the 400,000 jobs that will be created with this project!
    The only disadvantage according to me, is the fact that the view of the landscape isn't that beautiful...

    Kevin De Pauw