zaterdag 14 maart 2009

£50bn of European investment needed to kick-start Saharan solar plan

At a global warming conference in Copenhagen an expert has told that the European countries could transform their electricity from a giant network of solar panels in the Sahara desert. This project could be reached within a decade.

The only problem that there could be is the price tag, there is £50bn of government investment needed to make this project succeed.

If this project could be combined with the windfarms on the coast of North-Africa, there will be enough energy to supply energy

The reason why this scheme is so interesting, is that the sun can be used almost every day of the year. Even in the winter it's sunny in the desert. The sun is also very strong on that location, much stronger than in Spain for instance, with wich there can be created more engery than on another location with these solar panels.

Another advantage is that the cost of moving the energy (electricity) from one location to another one is not as high anymore than it was in the past. Even when there is a long distance from the Sahara to Europe.

Some experts are affraid that some people will not be very happy with this project, for instance because of the cables that will have to be installed near the homes of households.

Personaly I think this is one of the most interesting energy projects. First of all it's a renewable energy source wich is good for our planet.

Secondly this project will create some jobs wich is also good for the economy in Africa!

I'm a little bit affraid that a beautiful place in the world (the desert) will be polluted.

I also think that sandstorms could result in troubles for transporting the energy to Europe.

It's also dangerous to be 100% reliable of another country to have energy and electricity, when there is war for instance between these 2 continents, Europe won't have energy.

My conclusion is that this is a very interesting project, and is also good for our planet in one way, but I think it's very important that Europe isn't 100% reliable of anoher continent, that's to dangerous!!

Kevin De Pauw

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  2. I think this project is very expensive, but on the other hand these solar panels will create a lot of energy because the sun always shines in the desert.
    This project will also create jobs because a lot of these solar panels have to be placed, this is positive for the economy.
    So think that this project can become a great succes if they can find the £50bn that's needed for this project.

    Dominique Van Huffel