zondag 22 maart 2009

Europe's energy chiefs aim for carbon-neutral electricity by 2050

The leaders of 61 power groups in the EU have made an agreement to achieve carbon-neutral electricity within an integrated power market by 2050.

There is said that Europe has lowered its ambitions to fight the climate change, and that they are reneging on efforts to help the poorest developing countries adapt to a low-carbon economy.

For the first time ever the chief executives made energy efficiency the most important item of the climate change policy.
According to the president of Eurelectric, Lars Josefsson, there is needed an investment of €1.8 in the period starting from now till 2030 to replace the ageing plants, develop smart grids, meet surging demand and to deliver on environmental targets.

The president of Eurelectric said that their belief has been reiterated that a competitive functioning market is the best way to deliver on the goal in a cost-effective manner.

Another chief executive stated that nuclear power is also a very important component of carbon-free supply.

The governments of the EU are thinking about a €5bn plan to spend unused EU budget lines on predominantly carbon-free energy, including CCS, offshore power grids.
Eurelectric urged the leaders to work for a global approach to the challenge of mitigating greenhouse gases, increase support for R&D and CCS and buttress market-based electricity prices. Consumers have already been warned that "green" energy will require price rises of up to 20%.

I think that this article shows that it isn’t easy to deal with the climate change. It takes a lot of work, and large investments are needed. Not everyone is happy with this. The consumer will be the victim of all this because of the price rises.
If we want to save our planet, all the people need to do an effort.

Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2009/mar/19/europe-energy-power-climate

Kevin De Pauw

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