vrijdag 27 februari 2009

UK energy saving policy 'failing'

Saving energy was one of the biggest targets of the UK government. It has even created his own measures to deliver energy savings. An expert showed that the UK government is failing their saving policy.

EU commitments want the UK to save 20% on energy by 2020. To stick to the commitments, there were some promises made by the government. The big problem is that they can’t follow their promises. So, the local authorities need more funds to ensure energy savings. In the UK, there’s a huge gap between the aspiration to do something and the execution. A lot of announcements are being done but nothing has already been executed.

First of all, the building regulation in the UK is very tough, one of the toughest in Europe. But concerning energy efficiency, there is still a lot to learn says Mr Sellwood (CEO of Energy Saving Trust). He is concerned about plans to increase the toughness of UK’s building regulation. Households in the UK are responsible for 20% of the nation’s gas emissions, so cutting CO2 emission by homes will threaten any attempt of the real target. The way of life is important in saving energy, but instead of getting more energy efficiency, they are getting energy inefficiencies.

Secondly, there was a plan of the UK government to introduce the so-called “smart meters” into people’s homes. So they would be able to indentify their energy use and they would be able to analyse where they have to reduce their energy waste. But since the announcement, nothing has already been executed! Mr Sellwood believes it could still take 5 to 10 years before the “smart meter” will be introduced. In other countries, the installation of a “smart meter” had reduced energy waste up to 10%.

The “smart meter” is not only a good thing to reduce energy waste. It is also a good help to save money in a time of financial uncertainty and high energy prices.

I think every country wants to spend some money in order to reduce energy waste. But reducing it isn’t as simple as we think. I agree the meaning of Mr. Sellwood. Spending money to reduce energy waste is a good thing but we all have to do something. We all have to change our way of living to save energy. This will become more and more important for the households. High energy prices and financial problems will oblige households to be aware of this problem, otherwise they won’t be able to pay their bills. At home, we try to save energy in order to save money. Just closing each door instead of leaving it open will help. And if everyone changes his way of life for just a little, I’m sure we can solve the problem of energy waste!

Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/7856185.stm

Posted by Joachim De Zutter

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  1. I think that every government of each country wants to save at energy. But it’s easier said than done. It’s obvious that the government wants to show the people and other countries that they are working on this issue, but according to me this is not a priority. They have more important things to handle in these times where there is the financial crisis and the bad economy.

    And to save at energy, the government must spend a lot of money at all kind of instruments. For instance these ‘smart meters’, this could work, but therefore all the households are needed to pay attention at their consumption of energy. And honestly, I don’t think that the people really realise how serious this issue is. I think it’s really important because our planet is in current danger!!! Using less energy is a good start to save our planet...

    Kevin De Pauw