maandag 23 februari 2009

Hydropower -- Energy from Moving Water

Hydropower is one of the different sources of renewable energy that is often used. Hydropower is already an important source of electricity in the United States, where it generates 6% of the total energy generation.

Hydropower is also one of the oldest sources of energy, and has been used already a thousand years ago.
The industrial use of hydropower has started in 1880 when 16 brush-arc lamps were powered using a water turbine at the Wolverine Chair factory in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 1882 the first U.S. hydroelectric power plant was opened in Wisconsin. Before this the people could only produce electricity with coals.

It’s speaks for itself that hydroelectric power plants must be planted at a water source, a river for instance. It’s thanks to the ability of transmitting electricity over long distances that this source of energy has been used all over the world.

I think hydropower is the most interesting source of renewable energy. Everywhere there is water, there are rivers, oceans, there is also rain. Water will always be available in large amounts, therefore I think hydropower is very useful. Another advantage is that there isn’t any pollution. It delivers a lot of power. It’s not very expensive.

There are also disadvantages, a hydroelectric power plant needs a lot of space, and so parts of nature disappear. Sometimes such plants are built on water source where there are a lot of fish, many of these fish can’t survive this. Such an installation makes also a lot of noise.


Kevin De Pauw

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  1. I also think that hydropower is one of the most interesting source of renewable energy. Because it has a lot of important advantages.

    Hydropower is a fueled by water, so it's a clean fuel source, which means it doesn't pollute the air. This is according to me the most important advantage.

    Hydropower is also reliable. As long as there is water, there will be an energy source.

    A disadvantage is that it's very expensive to build these hydro power plants(dams) and a lot of nature will disapeare because these dams needs a lot of space.

    Dominique Van Huffel